SML310: Initial Project Proposal

Please submit a 1-2 page project proposal (more is fine if you need more space, but is not required). Your proposal should address the following.
  1. (10%) What is the problem you are trying to address?
  2. (10%) Briefly outline your plan for data collection (if applicable) and data analysis.
  3. (40%) What are the technical methods that you anticipate using to address the problem? Mention at least two methods, and explain why they are appropriate. Your explanations should include references to existing published papers and/or textbooks and other authoritative resources.
  4. (35%) Briefly summarize the results and methods of at least two papers that addressed problems that are similar to the one that you are trying to address.
  5. (5%) Based on your reading of existing literature, what results would you anticipate for your project? Briefly justify your prediction.

Note: The Initial Project Proposal is meant as the first step in the process of figuring out what dataset to work on and how to analyze it. You can revise your plans later on.